Carmen Cicero
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My cousin  / Angela Cicero Swift (Cousin)  Read >>
My cousin  / Angela Cicero Swift (Cousin)
John is my cousin, son of my father Rosario's dear brother Peppino and his dear wife Marie. I was born a year after John and by that time we were settled in California. Despite the distance our New Jersey relatives were close and shared both happy and sad times. Our families visited and John was a wonderful big brother to Joseph. My strongest memories of John are of the bright, energetic daring young man: a beach visit with two buddies, driving us around NYC using his mad cab driver skills. I also remember the love and pride his parents took in him and his devoted care of his mother in her later years. The Cicero family is proud of the accomplished man and loving husband and father. We will miss him. Close
Thanks for Making me Laugh  / Nancy Nessel (Sister in Law )  Read >>
Thanks for Making me Laugh  / Nancy Nessel (Sister in Law )
As spouses of the five very tight Nessel siblings, I got to know John well by bonding with him at the many Nessel gatherings. These included: annual sweltering holiday party at Linda's, with thousands of Christmas gifts on 87th street; up to 10 birthday parties a year for our offspring where John and I hid from the pinatas, annual gathering in Spring Lake with the most beautiful cakes for Gensi, and of course, Thanksgiving at his house. Not only did John have such pride in his family, he had a sincere pride in his turkeys and especially in his homemade Italian food. We loved it. John always made the kids laugh with his "Maga Magoo" face, where he wore a napkin covering his face, even while he drove. I love how he bellowed curious Italian phrases that we didn't understand, like Pasta Fazool - they may have been off-color? but we cracked up anyway. Because it was the way he said things so vibrantly and forcefully that made his expressions even heartier, and even more memorable. We shared a sarcastic sense of humor, maybe a twisted humor that Lori and Ken sought out in a spouse. At the sidelines and in the mix, John and I often connected over humor as well as deep conversations about health, parenting and politics, all while fearfully watching the Nessel offspring swing at pinatas (and hopefully not each other). I will always laugh at John's jokes, our shared twisted perspective on how to treat traffic and other crazy things like that. I will think of him a lot, especially at family gatherings like Thanksgiving when there's an empty space next to me. I will always remember him not just for his humor, but for his incredible loyalty to his family and his dedication to being a kind and attentive uncle to my kids. We will miss you dearly! Love you John, Nancy Close
For Johnny  / Ken Nessel (Brother-in-Law)  Read >>
For Johnny  / Ken Nessel (Brother-in-Law)
John was so wonderfully witty-- in a wry, outrageous sort of way -- that most of my memories are about laughing with him. I remember that when I had my first child, John bought me a book on child rearing. I think it was called The Wonder Years, I have long since forgotten the book but still remember his inscription – “For those days when the ‘wonder’ will be elusive”. Perfect. I remember John cooking in his house wearing one of those aprons that says “Kiss the Cook”. But he took a sharpie and changed it to “Don’t Kiss the Cook”. (Can’t get distracted when making the meat sauce.) For several years when our kids were younger, our families would spend New Year’s Eve together. We had a tradition where we’d go into the play room and would celebrate New Year’s with a confetti war – the kids running around crazy throwing confetti everywhere. Afterwards, the kids and wives would clear out and John and I would spend hours trying to vacuum up all the confetti. He and I shared the same compulsion to get every last piece hoovered away. I miss you John. Close
A person that words can't describe  / Dan Nessel (Brother In-Law )  Read >>
A person that words can't describe  / Dan Nessel (Brother In-Law )
John was such an incredible person, his only fault was making it absolutely impossible to write a tribute for him. How could I possibly put into words how incredible a person he was...and I believe still is! Intelligent, witty, loving, fun, loyal, endlessly caring and so wonderfully devilish.

John was one of those people you always wanted to be around. Every moment you spent with him instantly became a better moment. It really is impossible to describe what made John...John. Of course he was incredibly smart, loving and funny - but it was definitely a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its part. Somehow John had the perfect mix of characteristics that made him the type of person that you wanted to be around and you strived to be more like him.

I can't even begin to describe how much I will miss John, but he lives on in all of us. His amazing kids, his absolutely incredible wife...every person who has ever spent time with John...all have some John in them. In fact, I am pretty sure that when Chief barks at me, he is cursing at me in Sicilian.

John, we are all so lucky to have had a chance to spend time with you and thank you for making us all better people.